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Announcing the Release of Cracking the Rich Code Volume 9

I am so excited to be a co-author in the latest "Cracking the Rich Code" series.  A collaboration with Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank) and Jim Britt (World's Top 20 Success Coaches) and 19 amazing co-authors!

It features 20 unique chapters on personal and professional success in business, relationships and life!

There is sure to be a story to inspire you to make 2023 your best year ever!

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Nicole Kirby, BA (Psychology)

Coach, Mentor Coach, Speaker, Trainer

As an ICF Coach, Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach and Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, I work with individuals and organizations who are striving for personal and business success by better understanding themselves!

I believe strong interpersonal skills and self-awareness are the true keys to success and happiness in all of our pursuits and relationships.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, coach, leader or simply trying to build your personal development, I want to help you create a bolder personal and professional vision with more clarity, confidence and ease.

Our 2023 workshops, classes and coaching programs are continuing to unfold.

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We take our personality with us wherever we go.

When we better understand our habits of personality, we can improve EVERY aspect of our lives.

Our work, our relationships, our lifestyle are all interwoven.

When we improve one area; we improve all areas.

Personal development does not  mean a total life overhaul!

It is simply acquiring the tools and skills that build on your current strengths and identifying areas for learning and growth.

Interpersonal Skills are not "soft" skills.

Self-awareness and the ability to relate well to others are SKILLS.

They are foundational skills for experiencing positive relationships - in our personal lives and our professional lives.

Strong interpersonal skills are essential to effective leadership as well as creating success in your own business and work life.

Helping individuals Identify those invisible areas that hold us back or "blind spots" is often the work of a professional coach.

NEW for 2023! Breakthrough Your Limits Elite Mastermind for Female Entrerpreneurs

This premiere program for driven female entrepreneurs who want to uplevel their business in 2023 will be offered early in the year. 

Make 2023 your most amazing year yet!


Please notifiy me when information and dates are released!

Workshops and Masterclasses

Live and On-demand classes to keep you motivated, focused and achieving.

The trick to personal and professional success? 

Continuous learning and development!

At Nicole Kirby Coaching we endeavour to offer workshops and events that will keep you at the top of your game, motivated and excited about your goals and your vision for success!

2023 Schedule Coming Soon

Tools For Success

Research has found that Emotional Intelligence is one of the key indicators for professional and personal success.

This skill can greatly improve leadership abilities, team dynamics as well as personal and professional relationships at all levels.

Our training assessment programs aim to be information, fun and interactive.




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