The Power of Uncovering Our Blind Spots

Uncategorized Jul 15, 2021

The Power of Uncovering Our Blind Spots

It still amazes me how learning one thing about ourselves can change so many things.

So often, it is our blind spots that hold us back. 

A “blind spot” is simply a behaviour pattern that we are unable to see ourselves.

Here’s an example.

I had a client who had a habit of starting off many sentences with “I am not….”.

“I am not a professional writer, but I love to write”.

“I am not a perfect cook, but I love to show my love for my family by cooking for them.”

She couldn’t hear it.

But, after just a few coaching sessions I could hear it – loud & clear!

Once I noticed it – I could see it was happening very frequently.

I could see how it was diminishing her confidence and holding her back from making decisions around what she really wanted. 

Even more importantly, it was taking away a lot of her enjoyment in life.

It was a sign of a much bigger habit………perfectionism.

Once she was aware of this habit; she started to see how it was impacting her.

She was able to allow herself to enjoy things more – she didn’t have to be perfect.

She explored new business ideas; had more fun when trying new things.

Her confidence and creativity grew.

She was able to start planning and prioritizing for the life she really wished to create.

And it all started with shifting one blind spot.

Uncovering our blind spots is incredibly powerful.

Interested in exploring this more?

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